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So wow, yeah, its been a LONG time since I posted here.  I'm not going to do a catch up post, because frankly that would take forever.  But basically I graduated in the Spring of last year (yay!) and have been working full time since, though in a job not in my field.  Had a bit of craziness at work over the last few months but that seems to be slowing down a bit.  I'm looking for work or possible graduate training in my field and hopefully will find something, but am happy to have a job in the meantime.  

In fandom news I've become even more hooked on Doctor Who than I was before :)  I'm loving watching both the old and new episodes and have taken up quite a collection that I'm working on expanding.  I got to "meet" Matt Smith last week in NY (meet as in I got his autograph and he looked at me before having to run inside - the man is gorgeous AND sweet as hell!!  Such an awesome experience).  He signed my DWM that I had with me and omg seriously best birthday outing ever!

Manchester United is back in the running which I"m excited about - was disappointed in them being shoved out of the Champions League but am hopeful for the Premier League!  Just a few more games!  I'm getting my first "official" ManU jersey for my birthday from my parents - Ryan Giggs number 11.  (I have a jersey but its one i got for 10 pounds in London that is more unofficial - but its worked for the time being!)

Ah its good to be back on LJ :)

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