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Getting a lot of work done over the last few weeks.  One paper is out of the way and I'm working on four others.  Thankfully only one real midterm this semester, one "test" and then all the research and papers.  With the two major papers I'm working on for my honors classes and the one paper for Europe Divided I haven't had much of a chance to work on my Thesis, but the meeting went well the other day - I wouldn't really call it a meeting, but he's looking over my four page intro.  If that turned out okay then I'll feel better about getting into the bulk of the paper.

In other news, the Flyers game with my dad was a lot of fun, it was great to see the ceremony with all the old players.  And then rising the Stanley Cup flags one last time and Lauren Hart singing the national anthem.  The game itself was almost funny because of the lack of hard hits!  But it was fun.  I had a beer and was amused because the bulk of the times I've been in the Spectrum I wasn't old enough to drink!  It'll be weird when they actually tear the place down!  

I'm getting really frustrated with a lack of... I don't know - appreciation.  It's happening at work way to often, my boss is such a pain in the ass.  I think he feels like since I'm here less hours now that he can pick on all the little stuff thats not getting done (which actually isn't anything important) instead of recognizing all the work I am getting done in the time I'm there.  And on top of that, I'm still working over 20 hours a week on top of my school schedule, which is a significant amount of time.  *sigh*   

Back to work.... at least i'm going to the movies tonight which should be fun.

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