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I can't believe its already October!  Okay, so Halloween Party Details ahead!  If you can make it drop me a text/email/reply to this post.

Date: Saturday, October 25th _EDIT - okay apparently the karate school is having their halloween party on the 25th.  Would it be a problem for people if i move this to the 24th (friday) or the 26th (sunday)?  What date works better for everyone? 

Time: 6pm till whenever - I've got plenty of room for people to stay over just let me know so I can plan blankets etc...  Bringing your own pillow would be helpful as we've got a limited supply of those.  

Come in costume!  I know a bunch of us are already planning the DW/Torchwood thing, but I want everyone else to dress up as well!

There will be tons of fun halloween stuff - food and drink (both alcohol and non) - ghost stories, music, etc... and later on in the evening lots of horror movies to keep us occupied!  Any requests let me know, but I can guarantee the cult classics (Freddy, Jason, Michael).

More info a little closer, but let me know if you're thinking about joining us!

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