thothscribe81 (thothscribe81) wrote,

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!  Hey everyone!  I'm back from Egypt and totally exhausted! lol  but the trip was amazing on so many levels.  I'll be posting some recaps along with pics sometime in the next week.  I caught a nasty cold/bronchial thing the last day we were there (luckily it was the last day, I didn't miss anything!) and I feel even worse now, so between that and the jet lag, not to mention the non-stop craziness of the last two weeks I'm wiped out!  I got a chance to sleep in today and will have the same tomorrow, along with studying for midterms I need to make up next week.

As much as I loved the trip, love Egypt and how much fun I had, its good to be home in my own bed!  I can't wait to post about the trip though, there was so much and so many fun stories to tell! 

Time to get some sleep, will post more this week!

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